The Polished Mafia No Guts No Glory Swatched

The Polished Mafia is a new indie brand that just launched with about 15 colors. I would tell you where the name comes from, but I’d have to kill you. Let’s just say I HAD to buy one of the first bottles for sale, and leave it at that.

I picked No Guts, No Glory, because it was a dark black-purple color. What I didn’t realize until it arrived was how much more was going on. This is an amazing polish! If I shine my iPhone flashlight on it, it looks like a dark grey/black base. But when I went out and about, and kept looking at my fingers, it was more of a purple. There’s an amazing color shift in the flecks, and what kept coming to mind was Chanel’s Taboo. I haven’t done a comparison, and I’m sure they’re different, but this has a lot of the same amazing qualities (so, if you don’t want to pay $30 for a bottle of polish, this might satisfy the craving). Best of all, shipping is free at The Polished Mafia, and right now you can take 10% off with the code MAFIABOOM. No Guts No Glory (and the other colors) are $10.50 shipped in the US, and you can also order a custom color if you don’t see quite what you’re looking for. Oh, and what awesome labels!

Here’s No Guts No Glory!



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