What’s New at Sally

After two months of solid work, I am back to the blog, and I’m going to start today with the Sally Beauty Supply roundup. The first of the months seems to be the time for the new collections to come out, and everything I saw yesterday was stocked and in the proper order, not picked over like it can be later in the month.

From China Glaze, the On the Horizon collection is their set of feathered polishes. I thought about picking one up since I haven’t tried any of the feather textures from any brand, but just really didn’t like any of the colors – they were too muted for me.


Ultra Pro has three colors of matte glitter out – a pink, a deep blue, and a silver. I can’t find a good picture of them (and my iPhone was on its last 1% at the store yesterday) but they’re here on the Sally page to check out. I bought the blue one and am going to try to get it swatched shortly and posted.

Finally, Fingerpaints has its new fall colors out. I can’t find a decent picture of those either, but nothing there excited me. It was the usual grey, deep red, etc, and not spectacular. I’ll try to sneak back over to Sally today and get a photo for you; I’m currently feuding with my local store though.

Overall it was pretty much a bust of a trip, but good for my wallet.


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