About The Blog

My goal when I started my blog was to answer for other people the questions I wanted answered. I found myself spending a lot of time searching the internet for swatches of nail polish, and while I probably won’t be able to swatch every collection that comes out (I’ll leave that to people who already have that down to a science), I’ll show you things as they strike me, and I am always happy to take requests. I gravitate towards certain colors and finishes (I’m not much into flat pinks, for example) so you won’t see them here. My other goal is to be a source for news. One problem I have had is finding out about collections way after their release when it was too late to buy them. I’ll post about new collections and current sales as soon as I find out; in my dream of dreams, by following this blog a fellow polish addict could always know that she was up to date on what was coming out when and where the great deals are. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. Where did you find the 24oz Dunkin donut travel mug. It’s perfect for those of us who can’t hold onto things. I can’t find them anymore.

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