Ulta Black Friday Ad

Here’s Ulta’a Black Friday ad. I’m underwhelmed. The most exciting thing I see here is the 5 for $5 on nail polish, hand lotion, etc, and that’s been going on all week. On the up side, while the hubby is in a 3 hour checkout line at Best Buy, you can go to Ulta in relative peace and quiet without anyone throwing elbows. Last year I was at Ulta in Austin at the magic hour and there were maybe 5 women waiting. Very zen. There also seems to be some overlap with Sephora’s sale. Speaking of which, Sephora’s online deals (you can preview them but you have to “Like” them on Facebook) go live at 3 am Eastern or midnight Pacific on Friday morning. Don’t ask on Facebook, because they’ll just tell you “first thing” Friday.


Rite Aid – Halloween Sale

My local Rite Aid has gone to 75% off on Halloween merchandise. Here was my haul. 75 cents each for glitter, glitter eyeliner, and purple mascara. 50 cents each for NYC polishes. The Demon Glow topcoat claims to glow in UV light. I’m thinking about waiting out the snowman polishes until after the holidays and then stocking up.


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