The Fine Print on Lacquerous

I’m not hearing any real hurrahs about the new nail polish rental service Lacquerous. Most people seem grossed out by the idea of using someone else’s used polish, but there are also some kind of dicey components to the terms of use.

“Members share nail polish, as used by other members, at their own risk. Members understand that the nail polish is used by other members and agree to risks associated with sharing nail polish.”


“All USPS confirmed deliveries are the sole responsibility of the recipient. If you are unable to locate a confirmed delivery, you are required to contact Lacquerous immediately to place an investigation with USPS and to temporarily suspend the borrowing period. Until the results of the investigation are received, we are not able to proceed with the resolution of a lost item.” – So when USPS screws up, you get to sit around paying for no polish until they sort it out.

“Members agree to protect and store the nail polish so it’s condition remains exactly as it was received. The normal usage amount, as determined by Lacquerous, is three (3) applications per bottle only. Lacquerous will, at its sole discretion, decide if the nail polish has been overused and may charge or terminate membership.”

“If you return an item with damage, as determined by Lacquerous in its sole discretion, you agree that Lacquerous may charge your credit card and collect a replacement fee (at full retail value) for such an item.” -Except you might have damaged a 2/3 full bottle of polish. “Also this does not cover the theft or loss of an item and therefore you will be responsible for the full retail price of the time immediately.” – Again, if I lose a half bottle, you’re going to bill me the full price on something you’ve already collected 6 months of rental on? 

“By registering as a member through the Site, and requesting your first set of three (3) lacquers, you give us permission to obtain credit information from consumer credit-reporting agencies. Typically this is done when requesting a “Credit Check Required” item HOWEVER we reserve the right to perform this at any time you request a rental item.”

“If an item is not recovered, or if it is recovered in a damaged condition, then Lacquerous will charge you the MSRP as maintained by Lacquerous for said item, plus 45 days rent from the date of default.” Remember that full price you had to pay for the lost 1/2 bottle? Oh, you’re also going to have to pay 45 days of rent. Presumably that’s $9 ($6 per polish per month) but who knows.

This sounds a little Draconian to me. I know these might not be what Lacquerous actually ends up doing in practice, partially because of the awful PR, but know what you’re agreeing to because, as we all know from the Human Cent-iPad episode of South Park, nobody reads the fine print.



Rescue Beauty BIB Pre-orders Shipping This Weekend?!

According to Facebook, it looks like the most recent Rescue Beauty Lounge pre-orders (it’s not even been two weeks since the orders went in!) may be shipping this weekend. YAY!!! And once I have them, I will have six beautiful polishes to show you!

Time to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with nail polish, but this is the funniest thing I have read in perhaps several weeks. I may never again be able to walk into a Williams-Sonoma without snickering.

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