The Rainbow Honey 25% Off is Back!

Last year I discovered Rainbow Honey when they ran a 25% off code. It’s back, and though I was a bit restrained because I own almost everything they have that is not pink (and some of the pink ones, too), this is still dangerous. They ALSO have three new January LE’s out early, free shipping over $50, and a mystery grab bag if you spend at least $25. Best part is that if you add $50 to your cart (then you get a free LE!) and then the coupon takes it down to under $50, you still get the free shipping. Rainbow Honey is tops for great customer service, too – every time I email with a question or concern they get right back to me and clear it up.

The discount code is RH-25%OFF. Here’s a peek at one of the three LEs. Beautiful, no?!



30% Off at Butter London

Use code FFHOLIDAY to take 30% off your entire order at Butter London through midnight Sunday! Time to stock up on some of the sparkly fall colors. I’m off to look for Inky Six myself!

Rainbow Honey The Final Battle Swatches

I know it’s been quiet on the blog front; I’ve spent the last two months trying to get a mortgage, buy a house, and am now in the middle of moving. Well, I should be, and that is supposed to be my priority, but then I got something awesome in the mail that trumped all of that “should be” business. These are my very first blogger samples EVER, and they came from the wonderful Rainbow Honey.

I freely admit to being a big ole’ RH groupie. I first discovered them in February when they were running an amazing 25% off promo, and they offer free shipping and a free LE on purchases over $50. Their colors always have an amazing depth and sparkle to them, even if they’re not a full on glitter. And the packaging can’t be beat – full size bottles come in a box with a sticker on the top that has the name of the polish AND a sticker that shows what it looks like – so you don’t have to ask yourself, “hrm, I wonder which one God of Destiny was. . . ”

I somehow managed to stop myself from buying the full Final Battle set, but you can get all 15 polishes for $120. There are also three sets of 5 that are available for $45 per set, and individual polishes are $10 each. This month’s LE is a breast cancer pink color, Believe in Pink, and is included free in all $50 orders. Rainbow Honey also sells 4 mL minis for $5 each, so if you are on a budget but can’t narrow it down, you can get small versions of each of the Final Battle colors for a total of $60.

I was sent Ruby Weapon, Judgment Bolt, and Cetra for review. I can only apologize for not being able to get pictures in natural sunlight; we’ve had what I think is a solid week now of either outright rain, or cloudy “looks like it’s about to rain any second” weather.

Ruby Weapon is a rosy pink-red with a gold shimmer. My first reaction was that I had expected it to be more of a blood red from the name, and I’m not much of a pink fan, but it grew on me as I wore it. The gold took it out of the realm of the girly pinks for me. I initially used two coats but in strong light that wasn’t quite full coverage, so I went back for a third – and this third coat actually took it from the pinkish realm into more of a scarlet color, which I liked even more. This polish dried incredibly smoothly, and I didn’t even feel the urge to use my usual Seche Vite topcoat.

Next up, I decided to use Judgment Bolt as a topper on a couple of nails. This is a beautiful gold glitter; it was a great accent with one coat without being overwhelming. This would be a great addition to take your daytime polish into the realm of something a little dressier for a night out, without having to redo your manicure. Here, then, are Ruby Weapon and Judgment Bolt:

IMG_2644 IMG_2649

The third polish was Cetra, and I put off swatching it because of my pink aversion. I have to say though, this was really beautiful, especially with the sparkle to it. This is a pink I would wear again – and that’s really saying something.

IMG_2650 IMG_2655

Once again Rainbow Honey has delivered a beautiful set of sparkling colors. They just don’t know how to make boring polish, and this set is no exception. My full size order from the launch just arrived yesterday, and I can’t wait to play with them – I ordered the Weapons set, Diamond Dust, Tera Flare, Soldier, and Tidal Wave, though now I kind of wish I’d ordered Lifestream as well.

Free Shipping and Trixie with $10 Purchase at Zoya

Until midnight eastern tonight, you can get a free Zoya Trixie and free shipping with any $10 order, using code TRIXIE. I just bought 2 of the new holiday colors, so the end result was 3 polishes for $16 shipped – not bad! Most polishes are $8 at

BOGO at Zoya!

Zoya is offering BOGO on up to 12 polishes (that is, up to 6 free) with code SCHOOL. There are no restrictions on Pixies – so this works out to $4.00 per polish or $4.50 per pixie dust. Not bad!

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