Color Club’s “Secret” Holo

I found this on a nail supply expedition a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought this was one of the new Color Club holos and I was excited that maybe the store had the whole collection. Alas, this seems to just be an older color. It’s called Love ‘Em/Leave ‘Em, and it’s an intriguing shade.


At first this was a kind of glimmery sand color. Very work appropriate, I thought; not likely to draw attention. Not boring but not attention grabbing. But what about the holo effect in the direct light?



It’s there but it won’t knock you down. You won’t run off the road turning your hands every which way in amazement. If you work in a conservative field, like law, this is a good thing. You could wear this to court and not be held in contempt. It’s kind of like your own little secret, almost like the wisdom that you wear gorgeous frilly underwear because at least you know you look good under your clothes.

If I ever have to get a job that requires me to wear a suit and play grown up lawyer, this might be my go-to color.


Sparkly Purple Polish Swatches

When I brought home Color Club Gift of Sparkle (the non-Sally’s version), then looked at that next to the Ulta brand Purplexed, the two seemed fairly similar. Both were purple with holo glitter, leading to a swatching test with my other purple holo glitter, China Glaze Crystal Ball. The Crystal Ball I used was on its last legs so it was a little thick and tough to work with, but that’s a color I’ve got to use every last bit of. Waste Crystal Ball not, want Crystal Ball not.

ImageTop to bottom, this is Gift of Sparkle, Purplexed, and Crystal Ball in natural light. Here’s the indoor shot (light box coming tomorrow. Light box coming tomorrow).

ImageJust to be confusing and save you having to turn your head 90 degrees to one side, this goes Crystal Ball, Purplexed, and Gift of Sparkle from left to right.

When I had these next to each other, the glitter in Crystal Ball is much finer (and much less annoying to remove). Purplexed was a more blue purple and Gift of Sparkle a more red/pink purple. The Ulta polish seemed to have bigger glitter pieces and more silver to it, and to end up a little rougher in final application. I personally gravitate towards cool blue purple more, so I like Purplexed better (and it was $1 so the price can’t be beat) but these are all really pretty shades.



Latest Haul

Whew – it’s been a long week (exactly) with sales. I think it’s time to go back to some more pictures. Here’s what came home with me this week. I’ll get around to swatching some of it but please ask if there’s anything you’d like to see!

First the miscellany. From Urban Outfitters: Lollipop (a pink glitter that reminds me of cupcakes) and Mystic, which reminds me a lot of the Layla Ceramic Effects I bought last week – but at about half the price. A Seche topcoat called Collage Overlay, the last Sephora polish I needed from Pantone Universe (Rose Dawn), and Color Club Love ‘Em/Leave ‘Em.


Next, LOTS of China Glaze due to a misunderstanding about a sale price at Sally’s. I also had a 20% off coupon so these were $3 each: Secret Peri-Winkle, Dorothy Who?, Glistening Snow, Fairy Dust, Watermelon Rind, and Black Diamond.

Photo Nov 29, 6 36 10 PM

And Running in Circles, Water You Waiting For, It’s a Trap-eze, Grape Juice and Avalanche.

Photo Nov 29, 6 37 00 PM

Perhaps most exciting of all, my Rescue Beauty order. You can’t really get the great depth and shimmer in the one picture where you can clearly see Recycle, but Recycle is just black in the other picture, so here’s both. Yes, I have ordered a lightbox. 🙂 By the way, Aqua Lily lasted approximately 30 hours before selling out again this week. It’s so beautiful! Aqua Lily, Insouciant, Poco A Poco, Ghost, Recycle, and Moxie (the surprise love here – not “surprised it’s beautiful” but “surprised that I think it will get more use than I thought” since I normally am not that into white polish).

Photo Nov 29, 6 41 50 PMPhoto Nov 29, 6 41 56 PM

This Week’s Haul (so far)

Here’s what I’ve picked up this week. Let me know of anything that needs to move to the top of the swatch list!

I found all these Color Club polishes at TJ Maxx. For $10 I got the set of 6 colors with top coat, and for $4 I got these two pairs of the Winter Affair polishes I didn’t get at Sally. Note there’s an extra of this sparkle top coat that will end up in the swap list – but this was the same price for 2 polishes as for just the one at Sally. And I got the four minis for $5 – In True Fashion duochromes.




Next, my Butter London Fishwife arrived!


Essie Smooth Sailing ($4 at TJ’s) and Over the Top (full price at Ulta).


These two came from Ulta, which has 5 for $5 on polishes, hand lotion, and a ton of other stuff. This purple looks very similar to the Color Club purple with holo glitter.


Zoya Storm! I wasn’t interested from the original Zoya swatches but fell in love in the store.


One more Layla Ceramic Effects (remember it’s about $6.50 plus tax if you use your $3.50 off $10 coupon at Ulta).


FingerPaints holiday polishes – Elve’s Bells and Santa’s Magic. These were the two of the six that didn’t seem overly duplicative to me of other things I have.

And finally, here’s the Julep haul from two intro boxes and an add-on. Apparently this month they sent lots of glitter pots! The polishes are Sophie, Jodie, Toni, Michelle, and Caroline.


WHEW! Just typing that wore me out!

Smell my Fingernail Polish!

I picked up three of the Color Club Holiday polishes at Sally last week. Two of them claimed to be scented; the mini pack that has three colors and the flakie topcoat proclaims that the scents are pomegranate (presumably the red polish), wooded herbs, and cocoa marshmallow. Since they all just smell like nail polish in the bottle, a manicure was in order to figure out what was what. I got to painting with Ho-Ho-Holly.


This was absolutely beautiful; shimmery and foily but smooth. There’s a subtle gold glitter in it, but not enough to be visible in a quick glance. “But, wait” – I know you’re asking – “WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE?” Well, here’s the problem. I have a cold. I have been some form of stuffed up for about five weeks. So I sniffed, and I sniffed, and I went out to have drinks and asked the bartender (he’s a friend of mine), “hey, what does my nail polish smell like?” He looked at me like I was crazy and deferred on the grounds that I was sick and he didn’t want to get sick. I asked the young lady at Sally who had sold them to me, and who had been curious herself as to what scent they were, and she too claimed to have a cold. Lesson: Nobody wants to sniff your nail polish. Finally, I pulled out the Neti Pot and got my sinuses a little clearer, and I smell what smells like Pine-Sol.  That kind of makes sense; there’s a “pine tree” spirit to this color, and that leaves the obvious pairing of cocoa marshmallow for the blue polish (obviously, right?). $3.49 with Beauty Club card at Sally.

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