Guest Nails Round 2 – Dollish Polish Cold Winds are Rising

I apologize in advance for the next month. I am working crazy hours, and since my Jade polish hasn’t chipped yet I can’t justify sitting still for long enough to redo my nails, and I was thankful Butter rolled out new polish yesterday so I could cross “work on blog” off my to do list and not feel like an abandoner. I am also thankful that my friend Daniela seems to be on her own indie kick and is sending me pictures of all of her cool manicures.

This is Dollish Polish Cold Winds are Rising. D actually found this after sending me a link to a polish on Etsy that was from a seller in Germany. I did some asking and this was a recommendation someone came up with. This was two coats and is full coverage. The glitter is subtle; she said from arms length you can’t really tell there is glitter at all.




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