What’s New at Sally

After two months of solid work, I am back to the blog, and I’m going to start today with the Sally Beauty Supply roundup. The first of the months seems to be the time for the new collections to come out, and everything I saw yesterday was stocked and in the proper order, not picked over like it can be later in the month.

From China Glaze, the On the Horizon collection is their set of feathered polishes. I thought about picking one up since I haven’t tried any of the feather textures from any brand, but just really didn’t like any of the colors – they were too muted for me.


Ultra Pro has three colors of matte glitter out – a pink, a deep blue, and a silver. I can’t find a good picture of them (and my iPhone was on its last 1% at the store yesterday) but they’re here on the Sally page to check out. I bought the blue one and am going to try to get it swatched shortly and posted.

Finally, Fingerpaints has its new fall colors out. I can’t find a decent picture of those either, but nothing there excited me. It was the usual grey, deep red, etc, and not spectacular. I’ll try to sneak back over to Sally today and get a photo for you; I’m currently feuding with my local store though.

Overall it was pretty much a bust of a trip, but good for my wallet.


FingerPaints Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider (I have no idea where the name came from) was the second of my Sally Beauty spring polish purchases. This was the most spring-like in the bottle, in a pinky-purple color. I’m still not sure how I feel about it; sometimes I think it’s too pastel-y pink for me, and sometimes I really like it. What I DO like is that it has a shimmer to it, and a duochrome shift from pink to a fairly blue purple tone.



I do like the big glitter – almost a flakie size. This might be my compromise spring polish – as close as I’ll tread to pastel land.

I’m Back. . . With Spring Colors

The 2 month hell period is over until June, and I’ve spent the last couple of days sleeping and getting my alcohol tolerance back up. Today I ventured out to Sally and found that they had put out new spring colors from China Glaze, Finger Paints, and Orly. I got one from each, and will swatch those for your shortly.

China Glaze Avant Garden has 12 colors in it. I picked up Fancy Pants, not surprisingly the darkest of the colors and one that has a subtle shimmer. The China Glaze charts hint that some of the others have a shimmer to them but I didn’t see it in picking up the bottles. You can see China Glaze’s blow-ups here.


Next, FIngerpaints, which launched 6 colors in Wild About Spring. I got the non-glittery purple, called Itsy Bitsy Spider – I’m not sure really where these names came from or why these colors are particularly spring-like.


Finally, Orly has launched Hope and Freedom Fest. If you play the which of these is not like the other game, you’ll see which one I picked – of course the dark blue/purple, High on Hope.



I’ll be back tomorrow with some swatches. These are slated for official launch March 1, but your store probably has them in already. If not, you can order online and get free shipping if you spend at least $50.




This Week’s Haul (so far)

Here’s what I’ve picked up this week. Let me know of anything that needs to move to the top of the swatch list!

I found all these Color Club polishes at TJ Maxx. For $10 I got the set of 6 colors with top coat, and for $4 I got these two pairs of the Winter Affair polishes I didn’t get at Sally. Note there’s an extra of this sparkle top coat that will end up in the swap list – but this was the same price for 2 polishes as for just the one at Sally. And I got the four minis for $5 – In True Fashion duochromes.




Next, my Butter London Fishwife arrived!


Essie Smooth Sailing ($4 at TJ’s) and Over the Top (full price at Ulta).


These two came from Ulta, which has 5 for $5 on polishes, hand lotion, and a ton of other stuff. This purple looks very similar to the Color Club purple with holo glitter.


Zoya Storm! I wasn’t interested from the original Zoya swatches but fell in love in the store.


One more Layla Ceramic Effects (remember it’s about $6.50 plus tax if you use your $3.50 off $10 coupon at Ulta).


FingerPaints holiday polishes – Elve’s Bells and Santa’s Magic. These were the two of the six that didn’t seem overly duplicative to me of other things I have.

And finally, here’s the Julep haul from two intro boxes and an add-on. Apparently this month they sent lots of glitter pots! The polishes are Sophie, Jodie, Toni, Michelle, and Caroline.


WHEW! Just typing that wore me out!

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