Nailgasm Evil Queen Swatched

As I mentioned yesterday, Nailgasm recently released the Wishes and Whimsy collection. One of her polishes, Evil Queen, was only available if you purchased the whole set, which I did even though I had already bought a couple of the individual polishes. In the bottle, this polish looked like a black base with a silvery-gold glitter and some red as well. But let me tell you what happened when I started to apply it.

I did this:


And I realized two things very quickly. First, this was probably going to take three coats for opacity. Second, that it was far, far too beautiful to use up three coats, and that I needed to go off and get a black base color first. (And in this process I also realized I should probably do the glue base to get the glitters off more easily, thankfully BEFORE I got too far down the road.) So I wasted on coat on one nail in the interest of saving a lot more polish, and ran off to get my go-to, Orly Liquid Vinyl. This was the result (including a blurry photo to try to capture the incredible color range in the light):





This one occupies the same place in my heart as Satine and Helios by Daily Lacquer, and The God of Destiny from Rainbow Honey. Just a beautiful, glittery, light-catching sparkle. What more does anyone need?


China Glaze Fancy Pants and Nailgasm Candy Land Swatched

Fancy Pants was the last of my three Sally Beauty spring polishes to swatch. This one is a purple with a pink shimmer to it. There were no real surprises or shifts to this one, and I had a hard time finding the pink once it was on my nails unless I made an effort to see it. 



It was a nice color, but didn’t wow me. So I decided to top it with Nailgasm’s Candy Land, part of the Wishes and Whimsy collection on Etsy. This is a very pastel-y glitter, and normally I don’t like pastels but in this dosage I can do it. Also note the star hiding out on one finger; my right thumb lucked into two stars. I had to be a little bit careful about evenly distributing the glitter, and I had a little annoyance with a star sticking up. This was entirely my fault though; I can’t find my Seche Vite right now so it wasn’t properly topcoated.



I will say, though, that I didn’t use a base coat for this, and I got a good two days out of the color before my first chip, which came only when I was overly hasty in opening a box, so, props to the formulation, China Glaze. Still, the Orly was much more interesting to me.

I have exciting things slated for swatching this week but am trying not to dangle unobtainable polishes, so I’m still sorting out what exactly to show. At least one post though must involve my lovely SquareHues. I cannot wait to get that green on my fingers!

Nailgasm Singles Awareness Day

I’m quickly becoming a real fan of Nailgasm. Somehow Brittany has a way of taking colors I would think, eh, not for me (which is true of cremes and reds, and pastels), and putting them together in an amazing way. I also love buying polish that is available – there is none of this super limited only making 20 bottles that sell out in 10 seconds business. Maybe, actually, I should shut up about how great her polishes are.

Today I’m wearing Nailgasm’s February 14th polish, Singles Awareness Day. This is a grey-blue creme base with red chunky pieces and the occasional heart – all things I would not gravitate towards on my own. Not a *ton* of hearts, blessedly. I got two in the whole manicure with three coats. I don’t want a twee “hearts everywhere” manicure, but one or two is just fine. Another great thing was that I got the heart in the first coat, and the polish layered beautifully over it, so it’s kind of a hidden heart. I love the way that with layers you get a real depth to the red, even though the pieces are all one color.




This polish reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it. There’s plenty of time for you to get your own bottle and wear it proudly next month. Singles Awareness Day is $8 for a 15 mL bottle, or $3.50 for a 5 mL mini on

Nailgasm Star Dust (and a PSA)

First up, the PSA.  Don’t buy minis. Just don’t. Because you will get it and you will love it and need a whole bottle, and have to go buy a full one, and then you have this weird mini left over that you don’t know what to do with other than pour it into the full bottle once you’ve used some of that one up, and it’s just easier to cut that step out entirely and go right for the big one. If you don’t like the full bottle and you test it, you can swap it. Nobody wants a used mini bottle. 

This is actually a total lead-in to the next swatch, because this is the second of four polishes I got from Nailgasm that I bought as a mini (one was upgraded to full size!) and have been trying to test so I could make a decision on a full bottle before they disappeared. After doing this one, I gave up and just emailed and said, “I need a full size bottle of everything.” 

Star Dust is a lovely blue jelly with suspended glitter. It has glitter stars in the bottle, though I didn’t do a good job of mixing and didn’t get any on my nails this time. There’s a real depth to the sparkle – green, blue, silver, and an occasional yellow/orange. The glitter density is about 2-3 times what shows up in this picture, and it’s significantly less sheer when not under direct light.


I used three coats and still didn’t have the opacity I wanted, so next time I’ll start with a base (maybe Revlon Royal). The problem is that by the time I’ve realized it’s still sheer, it’s too late unless I start all over, which I didn’t want to do because I only have a mini bottle of this polish. (See? Another problem with minis). And next time I will shake it to make sure I get stars. Next time I’ll be using it out of a full size bottle though. So there! Brittany’s swatches on her Etsy page reveal a much better glitter hand than mine, I readily admit. But just look at that bottle!!

Oh, and I had no problems at all with the brush on this, other than just general “this brush is tiny” (another problem with mini polishes) incompetence on my part. Lovely lovely lovely.

Stardust is available for $8 for a 15 mL bottle from Nailgasm on Etsy.

Nailgasm Wormy Swatched

As soon as I got my Shrieking Eels, I placed another order from Nailgasm. I got four colors this time; Wormy, Tardis Blue, Stardust, and Snow Flurious. I ordered minis of all four, but was upgraded to a full size of Tardis Blue (woooot!!). Here’s Wormy:


I really like this. It’s got a subtle goldish holo effect to it. I used three coats but suspect another might be needed to avoid being able to see through it in the direct sunlight. Compared to some of the bright silver holos (like Urban Outfitters), this one looks like it could easily pass for something more conservative. It’s light but not an “easter egg” pastel kind of color. It seems like it might be fairly close to Butter London Fishwife or Trustafarian, and I’ll probably compare them when I’m ready to take this off, but I’m going to wear it for a couple of days because I really really like it. At $8, this is a more affordable way to scratch that pastel holo itch, and you get 15 mL instead of 11 mL for $14 from Butter. I think I’ll be getting a full size bottle next time I order from Nailgasm. You can get Wormy via Etsy.

The only thing I didn’t love about this color was the brush; it was a little “clumpy” which made it hard to do an even application, as though polish had dried on the brush and stiffened it up. I didn’t have that issue with Shrieking Eels, so it might be the mini bottles, or it might just be a fluke. In no way did it diminish my affection for this color.

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