B2G1 Deborah Lippmann and Butter London at Nordstrom

Nordstrom has B2G1 free on Lippmann and Butter through Sunday. And, they’ll ship for free in the US! Grab some here!


Cyber Monday Deals!

Ulta has B2G1 on Butter London polish. This always goes quickly; by the end of the day they’ll be down to one or two colors. 

Speaking of Butter, go straight to the source for $10 pricing on a limited selection of polishes (don’t we wish they were all $10!). Free shipping with code CYBER12!

Nordstrom has some very cool gift sets (alas, no polish).

Bobbi Brown is offering free shipping on any order.

Teavana (yes, this is totally off topic but I love them) is giving away a free tin, a free sample, and giving free shipping on any order. Now’s the time to try a new tea.

I will update throughout the day as more deals come in.

Nordstrom Black Friday B2G1 on Butter, Deborah Lippman

Starting Friday (my local store is opening at 7 am – which seems awfully late for Black Friday), Nordstrom will have Deborah Lippman, Butter London, and Nordstrom polishes for buy 2 get 1 free. It claims that the polishes must be the same brand, but if you have 2 Lippmans and want a Butter London free, you might be able to talk your SA into doing it. Enjoy!

Deborah Lippman Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Swatched

Holidays need to come one at a time. We haven’t even had Thanksgiving but Raleigh did its Christmas parade this weekend. I am not upset so much because we need to “slow down and take the time to appreciate each holiday” but because this makes me feel like a half a year flies by in the blink of an eye which makes me feel old. I bring this up because I know that it’s not Christmas time yet. However, when this came to me after a lot of long sighs, via the polish fairy, I was literally dancing. I couldn’t wait to try it on. AND I sacrificed and broke my holiday separation rule, because someone might need to see these pictures now so they have time to decide whether or not to purchase it in time to have it for Christmas.

After learning my lesson with DL’s Cleopatra, I started with 2 coats of Orly LIquid Vinyl, then one coat of Christmas Tree. Beautiful! I didn’t even notice the very small green and red glitter in the bottle until the polish was on my nails. From a distance this mostly looks black. It doesn’t scream “glitter!”, but subtly whispers “sparkle.” The only thing I found odd was that my usual Seche Vite topcoat didn’t seem to give the usual shiny finish, and I have no idea why.



Unfortunately this is only available in a set of three polishes as the “Christmas in the City” trio, the other two of which I find underwhelming – they’re nice but nothing special, and not enough to justify the $45 price tag for just the one color. But if you know someone who might like a red and white polish, but the set and keep the pretty one for yourself. I won’t tell!

Deborah Lippman Rock this Town Set

Picked this up at Nordstrom yesterday. The set was $42, or $14 each. Unlike the Nordstrom Christmas DL set, which I only want for one polish and thus can’t justify buying, all three of these are intriguing.Image

Moon Dance has a purple base, with primarily pink glitter but also some silver and green in there.


Chain Reaction is described as a “dirty brass” and has the same subtle pink and green in the glitter.


Finally, Phoenix Rising is described as “foxy copper.”


So much polish to test! I’m not sure where to start with these. Available at your local Nordstrom or online.

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