Orly Sparking Garbage

Sparking Garbage is the other Orly I picked up last week at Sally Beauty. The new Mash Up collection has a variety of colors – a really bright orange, a teal, a purple, and then this one holo, which of course was the one that grabbed my eye.

The first coat of Sparking Garbage was very sheer, and it took three coats for me to really get good coverage. The holo was scattered but strong, and even indoors it had more holo than showed up in the picture. It was smoother than I’d expect because it looks like a polish that could be chunky in the bottle. The only problem I had was that I used Bonder as a basecoat and snagged my thumb on something, which made the whole nail sheet off. I think that was a fluke, though. 




Orly Mash Up colors are available at Sally Beauty for $6.49 with a Beauty Club Card.


Orly MegaPixel FX – Plum Pixel

I have a list of polishes queued up to post about, but I wanted to skip the line with this one, because I’m just amazed. I had to return some things at Sally last week and picked up a couple of Orly polishes. One, Plum Pixel, was from their MegaPixel FX line, which seems to be Orly’s foray into the current textured polish trend. The FX polishes are always more expensive, and I think this was $7.49 with my Sally discount. There are six colors – a silver, a black, a rose, a pink, an aqua, and a plum. The aqua was very pretty but too close to the other Orly I was buying that day, so I got Plum Pixel instead.

This has been on my nails since Sunday, and I have had a long birthday weekend of, um, festivities that have not involved me taking good care of my nails. I didn’t have basecoat on either, yet this is still almost totally intact three days later. Orly’s claim of “just two quick drying layers” is absolutely spot on as well. It is definitely textured, but was not so textured as to be annoying to me. Here’s Plum Pixel:


Orly High on Hope

This is the first of the three colors I picked up from the Sally spring collections yesterday. High on Hope is a dark blue with a pink shimmer. I was able to get coverage in two coats, although on a couple of my nails I obviously went too light on the first one and got a little bit of visible brush line in the direct sunlight. 


Speaking of sunlight – wow! When we finally got a couple hours of the bright stuff (it was the day after I did my nails, and I don’t use Bonder when I’m blogging because I don’t keep anything on for long, so I was starting to have tip wear), it shows not just the pink shimmer but a duochrome-y shift to gold. I’ve tried to capture it in this picture; this is something I’ve come to expect from expensive indie polishes but was pleasantly surprised to find in an Orly. It almost makes up for the boring new bottle. This one is definitely a keeper!


I’m Back. . . With Spring Colors

The 2 month hell period is over until June, and I’ve spent the last couple of days sleeping and getting my alcohol tolerance back up. Today I ventured out to Sally and found that they had put out new spring colors from China Glaze, Finger Paints, and Orly. I got one from each, and will swatch those for your shortly.

China Glaze Avant Garden has 12 colors in it. I picked up Fancy Pants, not surprisingly the darkest of the colors and one that has a subtle shimmer. The China Glaze charts hint that some of the others have a shimmer to them but I didn’t see it in picking up the bottles. You can see China Glaze’s blow-ups here.


Next, FIngerpaints, which launched 6 colors in Wild About Spring. I got the non-glittery purple, called Itsy Bitsy Spider – I’m not sure really where these names came from or why these colors are particularly spring-like.


Finally, Orly has launched Hope and Freedom Fest. If you play the which of these is not like the other game, you’ll see which one I picked – of course the dark blue/purple, High on Hope.



I’ll be back tomorrow with some swatches. These are slated for official launch March 1, but your store probably has them in already. If not, you can order online and get free shipping if you spend at least $50.




Ulta B2G1 on Polishes Starting December 1

Ulta will have B2G1 on Orly, China Glaze, Piggy Polish, and Zoya from December 1 to December 24. They have a $5 off $10 coupon on the flyer; these often go on the web site. With the two deals together, you could be looking at $11 for 3 Zoya polishes – not a bad deal at all! Also with purchase of 2 OPI colors Ulta will have one of three OPI “Holiday Exclusive” colors – Skip the Gift Wrap (green), Last Minute Shopper (red), or Gift Cards for Everyone (purple). These are full sizes of the same three colors that are in the Ulta mini set. 

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