My Favorite Polish Remover


When glitter first found its way into my nail collection, I loved it with one caveat. It was just too hard to remove it. I kept hearing about soaking my hands in remover, which I didn’t have time for (I can barely sit still for the time it takes to take off my polish and put a new one on). Then I read somewhere about the “polish remover jar with the bristles.” I hunted high and low, went to the beauty supply, Googled obsessively, and never found it.

Then one day I needed remover and picked some up in Target. When I opened it, this is what I found (well, this minus dozens of polish changes; a very clean and new version of this):


My life changed. I didn’t mind swapping my polish more often. If I screwed up I didn’t mind redoing the nail from scratch instead of trying to cover over the smudge and ending up with 8 coats deep of polish on half my nail. Here are the things I love about this remover:

  • The “dip and twist” has long been a preferable removal method to the “dump something on a cotton ball and scrub” method, but I got tired of little pieces of sponge coming off of the other “insert your finger” removers I’ve tried. Problem solved here – hardware stays in the bottle.
  • While it is not a magic solution for the glitter problem, I feel like my nails are getting extra scrubbed here, so I end up with fewer pieces I have to deal with post-acetone (I haven’t tested this; it’s just a guess).
  • When the remover in here is too disgusting, or is used up, it looks like I can dump it out, rinse with hot water, and replace, even if Target stops making these tomorrow. I’m not in danger of lamenting in a year’s time that Target used to make this great remover system, and now I can’t find it any more, wah wah. And if I wanted to replace with non-acetone, or candy scented remover or whatever, I could do that too.

This was inexpensive (I think under $4) at Target. There’s no pricing online; you can only buy it in the store. Don’t forget you save an extra 5% if you have a Target Redcard (one of the only reasons I use mine).


Damn you, Oreos

First there was the Candy Corn Oreos debacle. While America collectively went, “ewww, gross,” it also secretly lusted after these treats, if only out of curiosity. So much so that they were gone from Target shelves before they had even really landed, and by the time I figured the whole thing out they were history never to return. (I have a separate rant about why food of all things shouldn’t be “Limited Edition” but that’s a distinct issue.) So, after that, when I saw Gingerbread Oreos in the Wal Mart sale flyer, I braved a trip to the store I hate almost more than any other. And when I saw tonight that Target had Candy Cane Oreos, I had to buy two packs in case I loved them.


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