Layla Ceramic Effects $4.99 at Ulta

Ulta has the Layla Ceramic Effects silver glitter, gold glitter, red flakie, green flakie and Butterfly Effect for half price. Use the $3.50 off coupon on their website and get two for $6.50!


Sparkly Purple Polish Swatches

When I brought home Color Club Gift of Sparkle (the non-Sally’s version), then looked at that next to the Ulta brand Purplexed, the two seemed fairly similar. Both were purple with holo glitter, leading to a swatching test with my other purple holo glitter, China Glaze Crystal Ball. The Crystal Ball I used was on its last legs so it was a little thick and tough to work with, but that’s a color I’ve got to use every last bit of. Waste Crystal Ball not, want Crystal Ball not.

ImageTop to bottom, this is Gift of Sparkle, Purplexed, and Crystal Ball in natural light. Here’s the indoor shot (light box coming tomorrow. Light box coming tomorrow).

ImageJust to be confusing and save you having to turn your head 90 degrees to one side, this goes Crystal Ball, Purplexed, and Gift of Sparkle from left to right.

When I had these next to each other, the glitter in Crystal Ball is much finer (and much less annoying to remove). Purplexed was a more blue purple and Gift of Sparkle a more red/pink purple. The Ulta polish seemed to have bigger glitter pieces and more silver to it, and to end up a little rougher in final application. I personally gravitate towards cool blue purple more, so I like Purplexed better (and it was $1 so the price can’t be beat) but these are all really pretty shades.



OPI Gift Cards for Everyone Swatched – and a Great Price for the Set

When I posted about Ulta’s OPI promo for December, I was non-plussed. But I’m a sucker for green polish and OPI’s been a little slack on the deep green front, so when I was in the store this weekend, I asked whether the holiday colors were available for regular purchase (they were) and to see the green and purple. The purple won me over; it is a deeper more interesting color than I realized. Once I was doing that, I could get all three colors for $17, and I had a $5 off $10 coupon so they came out to about $4 each. The $5 coupon was on a mailer, but there’s a $3.50 off coupon you can print out online here. The purple color – Gift Cards for Everyone – was also the color for which I hadn’t been able to find swatches online to help you all out, so it became my duty – nay, my privilege – to help with this! I had a very hard time capturing the small blue (and some green! eee!) glitter in this but it was the final straw in making the purchase.

Photo Dec 03, 8 09 06 AM


Ulta Might Have More of the Twilight Essence Polishes

My Ulta is smaller and didn’t get the Essence Twilight collection of reasonably priced sparkly nail polish etc, so I had to drive about a half hour to find it. But I went to my local store today and saw a brand new display.

Photo Dec 01, 4 06 10 PM
So the moral is try back if you missed tho collection the first go round!

Ulta B2G1 on Polishes Starting December 1

Ulta will have B2G1 on Orly, China Glaze, Piggy Polish, and Zoya from December 1 to December 24. They have a $5 off $10 coupon on the flyer; these often go on the web site. With the two deals together, you could be looking at $11 for 3 Zoya polishes – not a bad deal at all! Also with purchase of 2 OPI colors Ulta will have one of three OPI “Holiday Exclusive” colors – Skip the Gift Wrap (green), Last Minute Shopper (red), or Gift Cards for Everyone (purple). These are full sizes of the same three colors that are in the Ulta mini set. 

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