Rainbow Honey (just for K.)

It has been an incredibly busy two months, and right around the time I got my last blogger package from Rainbow Honey, I was being berated by my friend, who I will call “K,” who was in the exact same work hell I was in, thus knew quite well why I didn’t have time to post polish pictures, so hopefully this will shut her up.

The latest surprise package from RH was a trio of polishes. Fall in Love is a very bright pink but with an unexpected blue/purple shimmer in it. Best Friend perhaps best captures the mood of the collection – “Summer Mixtape,” and since the last time I remember listening to anything on tape was probably the late 80s, it’s fitting that this topper takes me back to the early days of MTV. Finally, Lanterns, which is by far my favorite, is described as “a luminescent blend of iridescent and translucent glitters.” It reminds me of what a jellyfish would look like if it ate some sparkly stuff  – and this was the hardest to photograph accurately on the nail.

Let’s start with Fall in Love. I’ve tried my best to capture the shimmer on the nail, and can’t really, so if you see how it shows up in the bottle – I promise that is on the nail as well. This is two coats, and it went on smoothly with very little cleanup needed. 

 Photo Aug 05, 10 54 17 PM  Photo Aug 05, 10 54 29 PM


Because pink isn’t really my scene, though, I was really just letting this one dry so I could get to the most exciting part – the toppers!  Here’s Best Friend first. This is a very 80s glitter. The clear base has blue shimmer in it, and then the glitter itself is full of 80s neon triangles and hexagons. I had no problem fishing out the shapes; it seemed to be well mixed and evenly suspended. You can see a bit of that shimmer in the base, on my pinky – that’s more from the topper than from the pink base polish.

Photo Aug 05, 11 02 06 PM Photo Aug 05, 11 02 11 PM

And here is Lanterns! What you can’t see because of my lack of master ninja camera skills is that this gives an overall sparkle to the whole nail. In addition to the actual glitter pieces, which are a mix of iridescent, almost holo-y goodness in a variety of colors, the shimmer in the base is also much stronger in this polish. This is a topper that works in the same way a very sparkly diamond does in an engagement ring – you move your hand too fast and people say, “whoa, what was that?”

Photo Aug 05, 11 01 47 PM Photo Aug 05, 11 01 35 PM Photo Aug 05, 11 01 30 PM

Summer Mixtape is available to purchase now, and you can use MIXTAPE20 to save 20% off your order. Rainbow Honey is also, as always, offering free mystery bags and LE polishes with purchases of various amounts; again, one of my favorites not just because of their great polish but because they are SO generous with the extras!


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