Julep is on Hautelook Today

I have tons of photos to upload, but before I do that, Hautelook has a Julep event today. Items range from $19 for two polishes and a treatment (that’s called an intro box I thought) to three polishes and a treatment for $24-$32. If you’re already a Maven this is probably nothing big and you’ll find the “compare to” prices laughable like I did. But if they have colors you want that aren’t available as an intro box – have at it! Coming later today – a massive haul post and some more swatching! 


UVNails Kits on Hautelook

Hautelook has UVNails gel kits (including lamps) for $119; individual gel polish colors are $10. I haven’t used these but if you believe the web site the kits are normally $273, which sounds like a good deal. (But I’m always suspicious of the “retail price” that’s quoted).

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