Rainbow Honey The God of Destiny over Essence Hard to Resist

Remember that awesome Rainbow Honey sale I told you about that’s going on through the end of February? My order showed up and I was floored. For $37.50 I got TEN mini polishes, each in a lovely box with  beautifully labelled top with the polish’s name and a picture, and. . . just wow. Honey is the right word. When this showed up, I’d done my nails with a dark blue Essence color, Hard to Resist, but couldn’t resist the Rainbow Honey. So I put The God of Destiny on top.


I’ve been looking at this all day. Second Rainbow Honey order placed and a full size bottle of God ordered. Also I ordered yesterday and they have already sent me the shipping notice. Also the code didn’t go through on the last one and it took them about a second to reply to my email and fix it. I can’t say enough about their CS, their polish, or their packaging.


Ulta Might Have More of the Twilight Essence Polishes

My Ulta is smaller and didn’t get the Essence Twilight collection of reasonably priced sparkly nail polish etc, so I had to drive about a half hour to find it. But I went to my local store today and saw a brand new display.

Photo Dec 01, 4 06 10 PM
So the moral is try back if you missed tho collection the first go round!

Stash Additions

I admit freely that I am not a Twilight fan. I will go thirsty at the movies rather than buy soda that comes in a souvenir cup. But these were so pretty and so only $1.99 that I had to buy them.

The first, Jacob’s Protection, is blue but has lots of other colors in the glitter mix.
Probably the prettiest is Alice Had A Vision-Again, dominant purple but with green and blue in the shimmer mix.

Edward’s Love looks like a charcoal with silver, green, and purple glitter.
Finally, A Piece of Forever is a golden shimmer, boring by comparison to the other ones.

These are inexpensive and selling out fast. My Ulta didn’t get them, the big one for my area only had 2 polishes left when I called. The third store I tried was totally out of polish, and I lucked out on the fourth because the display was on a bottom shelf and I just don’t think anyone saw it. I’m looking forward to wearing these and seeing what they look like out of the bottle. Since I AM a big fan of Essence, I have high hopes.

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