Zoya Delilah Swatched

I am going to a two day legal education thing tomorrow and the day after, which inspired me to go “conservative” with my nail color. By that I mean not blue or green or purple or holo. (Full disclosure: I’ll go in jeans and a t-shirt. I could really go in with flaming fingernails and nobody would care. Still, it inspired me, like wearing glasses when I took the bar exam in the hope that it might make me look smarter to the answer grid sheet).  So the choice was my new Zoya Delilah.

Zoya describes Delilah as “Bright red glitter in a cool toned cherry red base. The fiery, glimmering red that can add glamour to any look.” I don’t like warm reds, so I went ahead and decided to try this one during the recent 3 for $10 Zoya promo. Once on, the singular thought I had was of the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. This is a red I like, and will wear over and over again – or would, if I didn’t have hundreds of polishes. 


As has been my experience with all Zoya, this color went on smoothly. I used two coats and got great coverage.


Cult Nails I Got Distracted Swatched

This is my first Cult Nails polish ever! There was a sale right around New Year’s and limited edition polishes were $8 a bottle. I picked up several, including this beautiful green color.

I Got Distracted is a dark green with a holo that hides until it’s in direct light. There’s also a prevalent green glitter. The base can look almost black, it’s so deep. This had great coverage in two coats. The only thing I didn’t love was that it was a little gritty in the finish, and even two coats of Seche didn’t give it the perfect glossy finish I favor. I love the color so much that I’ll forgive that!


Cult Nails had a price increase and I Got Distracted (as well as the rest of the Cult polishes) is $12 now. Free shipping on a $75 order, and the owner is a real sweetie. One of my bottles was missing the label on the bottom and she offered to send me a whole new bottle instead of just a label. 

Rainbow Honey 25% Off

Rainbow Honey is offering 25% off with code RH25%OFF. if you spend $50 before the code, you also get a free 15 mL bottle of Dearly Beloved or My Love. For $50 I was able to buy 10 separate 7 mL minis, and get a free My Love, then check out for $37.50 after the discount. These are beautiful!

New Colors Coming From KBShimmer

KBShimmer has 9 beautiful new colors coming out for spring. I am not a huge pastels fan, but I love the dark green (Get Clover It) and dark blue (I Got a Crush on Blue) shades. And, actually, really kind of all of them. The middle three are full coverage; the first and last three are meant to be layered.



Full details and some swatches can be found here


Nicole by OPI Stand By Your Manny Swatched

Nicole by OPI just released a set of 14 polishes in conjunction with one of the funniest shows on the air, Modern Family. I have some issues with NOPI, to be honest. I hate the bottle shape. I hate that they often dupe OPI colors with a different label. I super hate the recent Kardashian collection (I refuse to call it collection no matter how pretty any of the colors might be. The last NOPI polishes I bought were the Gossip Girl colors, and I figured Modern Family has enough street cred to balance out the ugly bottle factor. Then I looked at the collection and was nonplussed except for one color. This color of course was not in the 7 colors my local Ulta got, or the 10 out of 14 my local Target got. Thankfully a friend’s sharp-eyed husband found me one, and today the mailman delivered Stand By Your Manny.

The pictures don’t show the depth to this color. You can tell it’s a shimmer, but what you can’t see is that in addition to silver there’s a subtle pink and green in the sparkle. I probably could have captured this outside, but was painting my nails late at night, and may have chipped it by tomorrow before I got outside. If not though, I’ll be on that.


You’ll notice that it’s not completely opaque, in three coats. The pictures aren’t really fair in this regard; in indoor lighting it looks pretty darn close to opaque. Next time I’ll probably do a better job of putting more polish on the first coat. This is a great color for this time of year in North Carolina where we had freezing rain a couple of days ago and will likely see the 70s shortly. This one kind of marries winter and spring – not so pastel as to scream Easter Eggs. Oh, and I can wear it to Carolina Basketball games!

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