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Whew – it’s been a long week (exactly) with sales. I think it’s time to go back to some more pictures. Here’s what came home with me this week. I’ll get around to swatching some of it but please ask if there’s anything you’d like to see!

First the miscellany. From Urban Outfitters: Lollipop (a pink glitter that reminds me of cupcakes) and Mystic, which reminds me a lot of the Layla Ceramic Effects I bought last week – but at about half the price. A Seche topcoat called Collage Overlay, the last Sephora polish I needed from Pantone Universe (Rose Dawn), and Color Club Love ‘Em/Leave ‘Em.


Next, LOTS of China Glaze due to a misunderstanding about a sale price at Sally’s. I also had a 20% off coupon so these were $3 each: Secret Peri-Winkle, Dorothy Who?, Glistening Snow, Fairy Dust, Watermelon Rind, and Black Diamond.

Photo Nov 29, 6 36 10 PM

And Running in Circles, Water You Waiting For, It’s a Trap-eze, Grape Juice and Avalanche.

Photo Nov 29, 6 37 00 PM

Perhaps most exciting of all, my Rescue Beauty order. You can’t really get the great depth and shimmer in the one picture where you can clearly see Recycle, but Recycle is just black in the other picture, so here’s both. Yes, I have ordered a lightbox. 🙂 By the way, Aqua Lily lasted approximately 30 hours before selling out again this week. It’s so beautiful! Aqua Lily, Insouciant, Poco A Poco, Ghost, Recycle, and Moxie (the surprise love here – not “surprised it’s beautiful” but “surprised that I think it will get more use than I thought” since I normally am not that into white polish).

Photo Nov 29, 6 41 50 PMPhoto Nov 29, 6 41 56 PM


Rescue Beauty BIB4 Colors Go Live on Wednesday

At noon Eastern time this Wednesday, six of Rescue Beauty‘s loveliest lovelies will be available again. Even though they’re $20 each, these are amazing colors unlike much of what you’ll find anywhere else, and each color has a story behind it. If you think you want them, grab them, because when they’re gone they’re gone and they’ll be up on eBay for insane prices. Available will be: InsouciantRecyclePiu MossoStarfish PatrickOpaque Nude and the famous Aqua Lily, which I consider to be RBL’s “Clarins 230.” Even if you think $20 is spendy for a bottle of polish, take a few to check out the colors and gasp at the incredible nuanced shades Ji mixes. Also Ji is a total sweetheart who regularly engages with her fans on her Facebook page 

Rescue Beauty BIB Pre-orders Shipping This Weekend?!

According to Facebook, it looks like the most recent Rescue Beauty Lounge pre-orders (it’s not even been two weeks since the orders went in!) may be shipping this weekend. YAY!!! And once I have them, I will have six beautiful polishes to show you!

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